Ways parents can help

The Booster club runs because of the efforts of the great Bowie parents. Want to get involved and help make the program a success?

Check out these opportunities:


Volunteers are needed for next year’s “Adopt-A-Rookie-Parent Program”. As we all have learned, parents need as much assistance as students do to keep up with the fast-pace and rigorous demands of the Bowie Band. The purpose of the Adopt-A-Rookie-Parent program is to ease the transition to the Bowie Band for new parents by pairing them with parents that are veterans of the program.
Adopter parent volunteers are matched to no more than three Rookie parents, with the adoptions being “section specific” (i.e., flutes adopt flutes, percussion adopts percussion, etc.), unless there is a shortage of Adopter volunteers in any particular section. The Adopter serves as a valuable source of information about band life by answering questions and checking on how things are going. It
is comforting for Rookies to know that there is one person who is dedicated to helping them and to whom they can go with any questions. If you were a rookie parent yourself this year, don’t feel left out. With the end of the school year fast approaching, you have advanced to the status of “veteran” and you can be an Adopter too! In fact, I especially encourage you to become an Adopter, while your own rookie year is still fresh in your mind.

Contact the Adopt-A-Rookie coordinator at adoptarookie [at] bowieband [dot] org.

Pit Crew

Can you help the front ensemble load and unload equipment on and off the playing field?
Contact our Pit Crew coordinator at pitcrew [at] bowieband [dot] org.

Trailer Drivers

Can you drive a semi or pull a trailer?  Contact Our Transportation Chair at trailer [at] bowieband [dot] org


Would you like to help feed the kids at our various contests?  Contact our VP of Hospitality at hospitality [at] bowieband [dot] org.

Flag Routes

Do you have a question about your flag?  Contact our flag coordinator at flags<at>bowieband.org.

We need band volunteers to help deliver flags on our seven holidays!  Contact our flag coordinator at flags [dot] volunteers [at] bowieband [dot] org.

Water the Dawgs

Would you like to help fill water jugs for the kids before football games?  Contact our Water the Dawgs coordinator at water [at] bowieband [dot] org.

Feed the Dawgs

If you would like your musician fed after school before every football game you are in luck!  Fill out the form here .

Volunteers will serve over 200 students in addition to the band directors and a few ever-present parent volunteers who subscribed.  Thanks to everyone who has helped to get the new season off to a great start!  A list will be posted near the practice rooms of the band hall on game day to remind students what they ordered each week.  Meals will be served immediately after school on game days in the Hallway near the band hall. Students will eat and relax with friends before putting on their uniform.  Remember to bring your own beverage.

If you have any questions after reading over the form please contact the Feed the Dawgs chairman at feedthedawg [at] bowieband [dot] org.


Would you like to help chaperone kids on during football games? Contact our current Chaperone Chair at chaperone [at] bowieband [dot] org.

Message from our publicity coordinator

Want to brag about our fabulous band and your kid, in particular? After each event, send action photos and your quotes about the event to our Publicity Coordinator at publicity [at] bowieband [dot] org .

Maybe your photo or quote will make it in one of our area newspapers!

Uniform Needs

MARCHING BAND REQUIREMENTS – Want to know what you need for summer band camp, summer uniform and winter uniform? Click link below for printable shopping list.

Marching Uniforms.pdf

outfits will be necessary for winter and spring concerts. Click link below for list.