Booster Board

The 2014-2015 Booster Board

President Kevin Wood president [at] bowieband [dot] org
Vice President I – Fundraising Sherri Dugan fundraising [at] bowieband [dot] org
Vice President II -
Lori Owens hospitality [at] bowieband [dot] org
Recording Secretary Veronica Gonzalez recording [at] bowieband [dot] org
Treasurer Lisa Jackson treasurer [at] bowieband [dot] org
Corresponding Secretary Victoria Harkins corresponding [at] bowieband [dot] org
Parliamentarian Linda Rodriguez parliamentarian [at] bowieband [dot] org
Adopt A Rookie Gerri Nuckols adoptarookie [at] bowieband [dot] org
BullDawgs & Hotdogs Becky Stephenson hotdogs [at] bowieband [dot] org
Chaperone Coordinator Julie Evans chaperone [at] bowieband [dot] org
Color Guard Coordinator Kim Risley colorguard [at] bowieband [dot] org
Email Coordinator Kim Walker emails [at] bowieband [dot] org
GOF Volunteer Coordinator Michelle & Scott Hager flags [dot] volunteers [at] bowieband [dot] org
GOF Database Coordinator Phil and Margaret Stark flags [dot] database [at] bowieband [dot] org
GOF Maintenance Coordinator Position Open flags [dot] maintenance [at] bowieband [dot] org
GOF Maintenance Coordinator Position Open flags [dot] marketing [at] bowieband [dot] org
Fruit Stand Coordinator Judy Willis fruitstand [at] bowieband [dot] org
Indoor Festival Coordinator Gretchen Edelmon festival [at] bowieband [dot] org
Points/Jacket Coordinator
Mike Wisor letters [at] bowieband [dot] org
Membership Coordinator Crysta Wohleb membership [at] bowieband [dot] org
Pit Crew Coordinator Position Open pitcrew [at] bowieband [dot] org
Photographer Russell Pankratz photos [at] bowieband [dot] org
Prop Coordinator Daryl Feist props [at] bowieband [dot] org
Publicity Coordinator Kim Walker publicity [at] bowieband [dot] org
Trailer Coordinator Judy Willis trailer [at] bowieband [dot] org
Uniform Coordinator Vicki Wood uniforms [at] bowieband [dot] org
Water the Dawgs Christa Achilles water [at] bowieband [dot] org
Webmaster James Cobb webmaster [at] bowieband [dot] org
Videographer Judy Willis video [at] bowieband [dot] org
Scholarship Coordinator Victoria Harkins scholarship [at] bowieband [dot] org
Spring Dinner Coordinator Crysta Wohleb springdinner [at] bowieband [dot] org
Kim Shuttlesworth kshuttle [at] austinisd [dot] org
Ryan Thomas rthomas1 [at] austinisd [dot] org
Amy Suggs amy [dot] suggs [at] austinisd [dot] org
Matt Atkinson  matthew [dot] atkinson [at] austinisd [dot] org
Joseph Powell  joseph [dot] powell [at] austinisd [dot] org