Band FAQ

When does the Bowie Band start practicing?

The Bowie Band starts summer band camp generally August 1st.The Color Guard and percussion start one week before August 1st.  There is a parent meeting the evening before camp starts, on July 31st.

My child wants to be in Color Guard, does that make her part of the band?

Yes, the Color Guard is considered an important part of the Marching Band.  What is sometimes referred to as the “Bands of Bowie” consists of Wind Ensemble students, Jazz band students, Steel Drum band students, as well as Marching Band students.  The Band Boosters’ charter is to support all aspects of the Bands of Bowie, although Marching Band is at the forefront during the Fall.

What is movement camp?  When does it start?  Is it necessary for my student?

Movement camp is a paid camp held at Bowie in June.  This camp is highly recommended but not mandatory for all students new to marching in a band.  Students who attend the movement camp will earn letter points.  Sign up starts in the Spring.  Registration form found here: 2014 Movement Camp

How many hours do marching band students practice during the school week?

The Bowie Band is bound by the UIL 8 hour rule

When do marching students do homework?

Many students work on homework during their 1 hour lunch period.

When does the Bowie Band perform?

The Bowie Marching Band performs at every varsity football game and many local and regional competitions.

What is the Yahoo! Group and how do I get the emails?

The Yahoo! Group is an integral part of being in the Bowie Band.  From these emails you will learn many different things, including last minute changes to the practice schedule or if your student needs to bring something important to practice.  To subscribe, send an email to:  bowieband-subscribe [at] yahoogroups [dot] com in the email state your students first and last name and instrument.

Why aren’t practice places and times included on the calendar?

The calendar is public.  The booster club chooses to make available practice locations only to parents and students using

What is Charms and how do I access it?

Charms Office Assistant is a web-based management system for the Bowie Band.
You can access it by going to

What is Fair Share?

Fair share is an equal amount of money owed to the Bowie Band for buses, music, technicians, fuel costs, and many more things.  This amount varies year to year. Come to a booster meeting to see how your fair share is spent.

What is required clothing for the Bowie Marching Band?

The Bowie Marching band has a specific dress code. Read about dress code requirements for Bowie Marching Band.

My student is in concert band; not marching band.  What should he/she wear for concerts?

Concert band students as well as marching band students need these clothing items for concert season. Read about the Concert Band dress code.

Does the Bowie Band have a handbook?

Yes, you can access the handbook at look under “handouts” and then under “Booster Bowie Band Handbook”.

What is the difference between the Bowie Band Boosters and the Bowie Band?

The Boosters are a parent organization that exists to support the Band, provide volunteers for various functions and other logistical needs, and raise funds to help offset some of the costs incurred by the Band.  The Boosters operate under a budget separate from the Band Fair Share, but they provide support and funding for things such as trailers and trailer maintenance, Fruit Stand (during band camp), and occasionally provide a “donation” to the Band to lower everyone’s Fair Share costs.

It all seems like so much to take in, how can I keep it all straight?

Congratulations on your investment in your child by wanting to include music as part of a well-rounded education!  We have all been there as new band parents and it admittedly can be very overwhelming.  This is another reason why we have the Band Boosters organization, to provide information and support to YOU! You’ve heard of the positive reputation that Bowie High School has, and likely you’ve researched and heard about some of the accolades that the Bowie Band program has to its credit. You are about to become another reason for the continued success of the Bowie Band.  To facilitate that, we have an “Adopt a Rookie” program where we’ll assign you to a veteran band parent who will personally make sure you have your questions answered, are well informed, and are kept up to date.

When does the Bowie Band Boosters hold their meetings?

The Bowie Band Boosters meets approximately August through May on the third Monday of each month. Announcements are sent out via the Yahoo! Groups mail list.